How to look taller

Have you ever thought about increasing your height? Well, if the answer is yes, is going to become your favorite brand, and we don’t say so, all those clients who endorse us say so.

With our shoes you can increase your height up to 7 centimeters. Not only will you increase your height, you will also increase your self-esteem!

If you really want to appear taller, here are 5 tips to make the most of your height:

1. Wear elevator shoes. With you can increase your height up to 7 cm more.

2. Avoid wearing too many layers of clothing. Visually, it gives the impression that the upper part looks wider and, therefore, less elongated.

3. Take care of the length of the garments. To see yourself taller you must take good care of the proportions of your body.

4. Don’t cover your arms too much. If you are wearing a t-shirt, the sleeve length cannot be below the middle of your arm.

5. Wear high-waisted pants. The legs are automatically lengthened.

As you can see, they are very simple tips that can help you look a few centimeters taller. And so that you can apply the first tip, we have the best options for you!

Our Pesaro, unique among many. Perfect for those fans of dressing with an informal look, but always maintaining that casual touch.

Zurich, in white, impossible not to notice them… Authentic high-top sneakers, with adjustable laces and an ultralight rubber sole. How can you resist them? They will provide you with the comfort you need, in addition to increasing your height by up to 7 cm.

Following the same line, we find our Catania model. The best choice to combine with jeans or sports pants.

As you can see at we don’t have just any shoes, we have the best elevator shoes… We always try to achieve the best quality in the manufacture of our products, in order to satisfy your needs in the best possible way.

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We hope that all your doubts have been cleared and that you have found the best solutions to appear taller.

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