opens the e-commerce international fair in Seville

Antonio Fagundo, the Marketing Director at, has now opened the biggest international fair dedicated to Digital Marketing. The event has been named the E-Show. During the events, a wide range of speakers and participants spoke about the latest news regarding E-commerce, Internet of Thing, Mobile, Hosting, The Cloud and Computing.

After successful fairs in Donostia and Valencia, the Andalusia capital returns to gather the giants of Digital Marketing. The event lasted all-day and the audience could learn about the successful cases about, Bla Bla Car, Soloraf and M&S.

In the first speech, Antonio Fagundo, discussed the primary stages of launching, as the business started out on the Internet in 1994, being the first Andalusia Company to launch to the World Wide Web. Splash Ibérica, was the first name to be used by the company, and they started to sell height increasing shoes. They sold up to 2000 pairs of shoes in the first year, through Internet sales alone. The shoes were bought by customers not only from Spain but also from other European countries.

In order to attract more clients, Splash Ibérica changed its name to

This company from Seville, is still the top selling company for height increasing shoes, and is always updating their shoes with new technologies, whilst continually improving its website, and attending to the needs of their customers through-out the world.20162015
Last year, the e-commerce sales grew to 22.9% and for this year they are predicted to rise a further 18%.


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