How you can solve your dissymmetry with

Approximately 8.000 people in Spain suffer from dissymmetry. Dissymmetry (or short leg syndrome) is a condition characterised by having one leg shorter than the other, with a difference in leg length usually being between 1 and 2 centimeters. This difference can be spotted when one trouser leg appears longer than the other when a pair of trousers is being worn, or when a sole inside of a shoe is more worn than its counterpart.

Dissymmetry is not a big problem when it is diagnosed early. It can be caused by birth or by an accident. Sometimes, this pathology is solved by the persons own body, as the person can naturally adjust to the imbalance. But when this dissymmetry exceeds more than one centimeter action is needed in order to prevent huge problems, as the difference between both legs can lead to back pain, arthritis and muscle problems.

Elevator shoes are the perfect answer and they can help prevent any serious problems from occurring has a wide range of elevator shoes for men which help them to solve the issue. The shoes heights vary from 1cm, 2cm and even up to 3 cm. Thanks to a light and anatomical wedge which has been placed inside the shoe. The conventional heel and the wedges instantly corrects the length difference between the legs and provides great support and comfort.

The customer service team at work hard to make sure that the designs of the wedge suit the needs of the clients. If you have any dissymmetries do not hesitate to contact the team and we will offer you a one-stop value added shopping experience.