If you have a dissymmetry, cycling is still a possibility. As Masaltos.com has the solution for you

If we resolve a dissymmetry early it can have a fantastic impact on your daily routine. As you may already know: about 10% of the Spanish population suffer from dissymmetry. The pathology does not always cause problems in our daily activities because our bodies sometimes have the capabilities to resolve the issues by themselves

When a person does not have the same amount of muscle in both legs, it can mean that he or she is unable to practice sport in a comfortable way. An ankle fracture or hip fracture often leads to a person having more problems, as the body is able to adopt to bad positions. It is possible that the person will not know at this time that they have a problem. As their body is still working, albeit just not in a way that is best for them.

When we talk about cyclists, dissymmetry can cause bigger problems, as the legs can suffer from overuse and injury whilst pedaling. The dissymmetry in lower limbs such as femur, shin bones or fibula, will often lead to a huge back pains. In order for a cyclist to understand better which leg is having issues with pathology, the person should be conscious about which leg is doing more of the work whilst pedaling on the bike.

Trainers’ elevator shoes

Before going through surgery, there are lots of alternative measures you can take to improve your performance whilst doing sport and gaining a higher quality of life. Trainers´ elevator shoes from Masaltos.com allow you to reduce tiredness and muscle aches whilst taking part in exercise. Many people choose to use an outside raised heel. However, this solution is not effective, as the step is not natural and this can cause your feet to slip, resulting in the person falling over.

The insoles that are placed inside the trainers’ elevator shoes from Masaltos.com range up to 3 centimetres, in order to perfectly match the height from the shorter leg. If needed the technical department from Masaltos.com can reduce the insoles according to the client´s needs.

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