fashion parade

Last Friday, journalist and blogger Manuel J. Moreno, wore a pair of “Fashion Air” III edition shoes from to a parade in Granada.

The Miami model shoes were the perfect choice, complementing his fashionable and casual look, whilst being both sporty and “boho chic”.

Moreno sported his trademark yellow glasses (like the ones in his personal blog), and he went to the parade with no intention of being unnoticed. He made sure of this by wearing shoes that would allow him to become 7cm higher.

It is that true that Moreno is a tall guy, but he has wanted to experience how it would feel for someone who wanted to be taller or did not have a height that they desired. “ shoes not only allow you to be taller, but wearing them will also help to resolve any problems you may have if you have a physical complex”.

Moreno found, with no doubt, that  the best secrets and solutions can be found at “The difference with shoes from is that thier types of shoes have an anatomical wedge inside. So you will notice a height change, but it is concealed inside the shoe and is not obvious to anyone else that you are wearing elevator shoes”.

A sure success

Can you notice the wedge inside the shoe? That is the big question that many clients are worried about when they are looking for a pair of shoes from But be assured, the wedge is not visible at all. It is inside the shoe in a discreetly and elegant way: “I wanted to try these shoes and the comfort is above all others, you can get “a discreet raise in height”. Shoes from are comfortable and you can increase your height up to 6cm. they help you to feel powerful and nobody will notice”.

In his post, you will find more information about his complete experience. The article is named- “ experiment”.