opened the Digital Business Summit First Edition in Seville

Every year, the Digital Economic Institute from ESIC (ICEMD), opens its doors to discuss the principal risks within the digital ecosystem. This year, many prestigious professionals from the world of digital marketing took part. Big names such as Pau Valdés, CEO of InboundCycle, Jorge Haldón, marketing advisor of C2 Intelligent Solutions and Antonio Fagundo, managing director of all took part in the annual meeting.

Dangerous risks, opportunities for improvement and business advice, dominated conversation throughout the Digital Business Summit.

Antonio Fagundo, from explained some key things his business does in order to keep the client’s attention, “It is important to know what the client is looking for and their needs -without forgetting the SEO strategy”. Furthermore, Antonio Fagundo, explained why is succeeding within the world of online marketing. The company is currently selling its shoes online to nearly 90 different countries, and the website can display information in 8 different languages. knows how to use its own resources to produce sales and to obtain leads. The company uses a cross selling feature which helps the customer get further value. It has also formed its own database full of clients. All of this is in place to make sure that the customer is having a enjoyable and positive experience whilst making their purchases.

Jorge Haldón shared his knowledge and discussed the point of view of Crossmedia. He said it is important for the user to interact with a lot of multichannel strategies, and that these strategies should be adapted. Haldón also spoke about the new dangers that face the world of ECommerce in the future, and how the industry has to face up to the challenges. He believes that the users would enjoy content, but he stated, “quality traffic but not quantity”.

Finally, Pau Valdés, CEO at InboundCycle, took part and spoke of the work his inbound marketing team are doing, and he discussed the new measures that could be taken to avoid drop outs from clients whilst shopping in the online store: “there are new opportunities for conversion through pop ups. Quality content could cheer the client up, and encourage them to continue will the purchase. As we said before, “quality traffic but not quantity” furthermore it should be relative because this would lead us to a better index on Google, and that would allow us to get closer to the users”.