Height Fashion parade with Diviero

A young model and stylist from the Mediterranean coast, Javier Martínez, showed us his latest project “Walking the Heights”. Javier is currently lighting up the fashion scene, and this wasn’t the first time he has used Masaltos.com to play a key role in one of his projects.

This young guy from Alicante knows perfectly well that shoes are a hugely important item of clothing for men. As a model and blogger, he frequently
Elevator shoes posts about his events and different projects on his blog, Diviero.com. The blog has received more than 70,000 visits since it was launched in 2012, and Javier has worked for fashion brands such as Vivant Capricci, Dorka Tango and Caprichissimo. He has also modelled for the likes of David Asensio, David Grass o and for the luxury German real-estate agency Engels & Volkers.

But for one particular project, he chose our Valentino shoe model. These dress shoes are made high in quality and have an extra soft calfskin exterior. He wore these classic dress shoes during an event hosted in the Altea city with “Total White” style clothing, he claims, “wearing white and black colours brightened”, his Mediterranean style, made him look younger, elegant yet casual at the same time.

You can find out more details at Diviero.com