Why buying handmade shoes?

As an average, every single person will spend around 350 € in presents, Christmas dinner and lottery. We always want t be sure about our Christmas presents for our loved ones and every year we have the same problem: we don´t know what to buy because we have already everything.

It is so easy what to give a women but the problem is what to give a man because we would run the risk of giving the same every year.  Under our Christmas tree will have clothes, perfumes, watches, electronic devices and shoes.

Why it is so original giving handmade shoes from Masaltos.com?

The originality is that Masaltos.com shoes are handmade shoes, designed for every single detail stand for itself: the quality of the leather, the comfort of the sole, the shoe heel height, colors and styles. Above all, they are not a typical gift; they are handmade shoes which a man can increase his height up to 7cm.

Giving handmade shoes make feet comfortable because they are suitable for walking, going to work, going out with friend and driving.

Behind every handmade shoe there is a complex manufacturing process with more than 250 steps. All of this without forgetting the best styles that come out from New York, London, Italy, Vienna or Budapest, they all are cities that established canons about shoes for many years. As Chuang Tse said: “If the shoes are correct, we will forget feet”.

Of course, the perfection of a handmade shoe plus the personal desire of many men: being taller in a discreetly way.