Gianni Garzanero, heading luxury collection

In we have wonderful news. The well-known and famous Italian shoe designer, Gianni Garzanero, has been once again leading a project of the company. In this occasion, the retired luxury shoes craftsman has developed an exclusive collection of elevator shoes, Special Edition.

These new Special Edition models are entirely made by hand in cordovan leather, equine leather made from the fibrous flat muscle (or shell) beneath the hide on the rump of the horse.

Currently, the cordovan leather is one of the best on the market. The best shoes in the world are made with this type of leather. Cordovan means durability and impermeability. The natural oil that secretes this type of leather gives a better personality to the shoes, and its vitality is maintained over the years.

Handmade elevator shoes

These five new models are presented as Goodyear-Welt, which is the best international designation of a specific type of shoes. It’s true that at first these shoes are harder but as time passes they adjust to the foot and give absolute comfort. These new models are manufactured with more than 250 steps since the cordovan leather requires a very thorough preparation and only artisans like Gianni Garzanero are able to work this type of leather.

For this is another step in creating elevator shoes covering different styles and tastes that has been achieved, once again, thanks to Garzanero. Currently, the new models are available on the official website of and

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