How to clean your elevator shoes: 7 tips

If you have just purchased a pair of elevator shoes at and you would like to keep them in pristine condition as long as possible, then consider some handy tips that will help you to do so.

Seven tips to keep your elevator shoes perfect:

  1. Walk around the house for a few hours, so the shoes take the shape of your feet. It is recommended to wear them little by little until you feel comfortable and natural. You can also apply some stretching spray inside and outside of the shoes if necessary.
  2. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day. You should have at least two different pairs to switch off between to prevent humidity.
  3. Use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes. The shoehorns are essential for keeping the shoe mold right and to avoid damaging the back of the shoes.
  4. Put a shoe tree in to give the proper shape to the shoe. offers adjusted shoe trees made of cedar wood, which absorb moisture and odors.
  5. Change your shoes with each season. Before taking your winter shoes to wardrobe, don’t forget to clean them with shoe polish or colorless cream.
  6. Protect your shoes from wet weather. Apply waterproof spray, can be used for any kind of leather, especially for suede leather to avoid stains.
  7. Remember to clean your shoes when you arrive home. This way you will always have them in a better condition for the next use.

Now, you know how to take care of your shoes. But do you know what products to use?

At you will find a wide variety of products to clean your shoes.

First of all, you need to brush the shoes to eliminate unwanted dust. A good tip to eliminate stains on the shoes is to use a cotton pad with milk or vinegar. After that, you should clean them with a dry cloth and polish them.

Once you have cleaned and polished your shoes we recommend to apply (black or colorless shoe cream). Please don’t use it on nubuck leather (they might lose their original smoothness). Remember to remove excess cream and let your shoes dry for at least 24 hr. For an extra care you can apply some sort of protection spray.

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