CHECK OUT WHAT’S NEW IN THE ELEVATOR SHOES’ WINTER COLLECTION! brings us a wide range of men`s elevator shoes for the new season: hundreds of different styles to be trendy and taller at the same time in many different moments, in your daily routine and during your special events. The Special Edition collection plays a prominent role: it’s the latest men’s fashion trend.

This collection is designed by the famous shoemaker of the stars: the Italian Gianni Garzanero. He left his important legacy to, a leading manufacturer of height increasing shoes which are a genuine work of art. Among this collection, Good Year Welt shoes are completely handmade by using top-quality materials and are considered the best shoes in the international footwear market.

Discover how to be taller and trendy this season!

Three styles are considered the jewels of the crown: Detroit and Dallas, with laces, and Denver, with buckles, all of them following the latest fashion trends. These shoes are available in seasonal colors, black and burgundy, and they are a must have for an elegant, modern and sophisticated man.

They are made of cordovan leather and match perfectly with grey or black trousers and pullover or business suit, and can be worn during the day or at night.

Our Basilea shoes bring us back to the British aristocracy era, thanks to their modern style that makes us revive that period. They are perfect for a long working day: from the morning to the evening, Basilea shoes are essential for a stylish business man. They have full brogue Italian design influenced by Anglo-Saxon heritage, made of black or brown leather that match with beige trousers and jacket for a classic style or with black jeans for a modern and casual look. has a huge variety of elevator shoes for modern men, which will give that extra special touch to their autumn/winter look.