Changing seasons: How to store your winter shoes

When spring is around the corner, it is almost time to say goodbye to your winter shoes until next year. In order to take care of your shoes and preserve their initial condition, we recommend that you keep them protected in a box or cloth bag and leave them in a safe, dry place.

You should clean your shoes before you store them away until next winter. recommends that you do the following so that by the time next winter comes around, your shoes will be in the same condition as they were when you put them away:

  1. Clean the shoes with a rag. Shoes with leather wedges should be cleaned with a rag to get rid of dust that has become embedded in them. You can use the brush found on our website to clean them better. Nubuck skin can also be cleaned with a soft rag or a special sponge to bring out its natural shine (never use a metal sponge or it will ruin the leather)
  2. If you clean your shoes with water and soap, make sure to let them dry thoroughly before putting them away. If they are not completely dry, mold may begin to grow. If you want to apply cream to the leather shoes, dip the rag in the cream and then apply, rather than putting the cream directly on the shoe. Apply the cream by making circular movements, beginning at the toe of the shoe, working your way up to the heel.
  3. Use shoe lasts to protect them from humidity and expand their life time
  4. Store them in cloth bags. Do not store them in plastic because they can retain humidity
  5. We advise against using mothballs because they can be harmful to some leather. It is best to use shoe lasts made of cedar

If you follow this advice, your shoes’ condition can hold for years.