BURGUNDY SHOES: The best shoes for gray suit.

For each one of the special occasions we have, we try to show the best possible outfits. Imagine that you have a very important meeting with the shareholders of your company. You have been called for the job interview of your dreams. Maybe, you are on the final date in which you will take the big step of asking your girlfriend. Or simply, any very special occasion for you … You have everything ready, your suit perfectly adjusted, a beautiful watch looks on your wrist, your middle knot Windsor tie well centered, but nevertheless, you forget and do not select the most important complement: The shoes. That is where your entire elegant outfit comes down, yes, the wrong choice of footwear is a false step for men’s fashion and we know that perfectly at Masaltos.com.

Selecting your elevator shoes depends on the color of the suit, so today, we bring you a basic guide that every man should have in his mind every time he wears a gray suit.

The key is the complementary colors

When it comes to the color gray, we must keep in mind it is complementary: black, coffee and burgundy. However, this rule obviously does not apply to all shades of gray.

The black shoes combine perfectly with any shade of gray. While what we are looking for is to use a chocolate brown shoe, it is convenient that the suit chosen be a light and bright tone.

 Our proposal for gray suit, whenever it is darker tones, as it could be an ash tone is to combine them with shoes with burgundy rises. Undoubtedly, the color stands out giving a touch of elegance and style that can hardly be achieved otherwise. A good burgundy shoe will make you shine that night.

If we also want to take a step further, we can play with the textures and form the ideal look with shoes with buckles on the sides or if we are more daring, some Oxford shoes.

Although if you are looking for something classic, that gives the touch of color, and that makes you 7 cm taller, it will also be a more than accurate choice.

Now you know all this, do you dare to take them?