Style guide: How to dress in Valentine 2019

Valentine is a very special date for all lovers. It is a special occasion. Any time is good to raise your height using shoes with hikes, but Valentine is a key date.
To make the day of lovers a unique day, we bring you two ideas to dress and surprise your partner on a special day in which 7 cm more will come great. So point and decide: Will you go to an elegant restaurant? Or better a romantic and informal walk in the park in the afternoon? It’s up to you.

If what you had in mind is to take your most elegant side, we have the perfect outfit for you. The turtleneck vests are trend. Surprise combining a gray vest with a blue suit, we assure you that it will be a success. On other occasions we have talked about how to combine gray suit with shoes with rise but this time we wanted to go further. Do not be afraid to leave your tie at home!
Being a modern but elegant set, we have chosen some shoes at your height, in brown, combined with belt and matching watch. When we talk about buckles, we are talking about the latest trend, and if you add 7 cm height, better than better.

But if what you are looking for is a relaxed plan we bring you the best outfit idea.
It must be very comfortable. Some jeans are always a success, but beware, do not go to take them with broken, this day it is important to keep the forms. A lumberjack-style flannel shirt is always a hit, and if you combine it with a black leather jacket better yet. Give the final touch with the perfect footwear: Comfortable sports shoes in black. Do not forget the watch and the matching belt!

There are no more excuses to shine on Valentine’s Day. Increase your height 7 cm and make that day even more special.