When we started with these posts, Julia Koszinowski wrote us to say that she really wanted to participate. Julia did her international trade practices as a marketing assistant at and then became a client. The whole team is still very fond of her because Julia is hardworking and, above all, she brought us many ideas. From Munich, Germany, she sends these lines. Thanks for everything, Julia.

What is you occupation?

I am working as a key account manager in Trivago. It is a great company and I love my job.

Describe your style:

My style is sporty chic. I like wearing dresses and skirts in combination with high-heeled shoes. I choose a variety of casual and sporty outfit during the week and for the weekends, a chic look to go out. 

How did you hear about

I was on an EasyJet flight on the way to a meeting with a client when I saw the advertisement in the airline magazine. I liked the shoes a lot because the design of shoes fits into my style (and especially my boyfriend’s). The chance was that afterwards I was doing my business practices at I moved from Munich to Seville to live a very beautiful experience. I still have many friends there from that time.

Why do you use shoes?

I have to say that the client is not me, but my boyfriend. He is the same height as I am but I look taller when I put my heels and in this particular case, I prefer him to be higher. In the pictures, I always had to bend my knees so he would not look shorter than me. That is why I purchased a pair of these shoes for my boyfriend and I was very lucky because he liked them a lot. Since then he has bought two more pairs!

What is your favorite shoe from collection?

For me is the “Corby B” in gray, because this is my favorite color, but my boyfriend likes “Alexandro black”. The best thing is that he has them both.

Tell us an anecdote that has happened to you with shoes

Now I do not have to bend down to take pictures with my boyfriend, LoL

Who would you like to go to dinner with and why?

I would like to go to dinner with Iliza Shlesinger is an American comedian, that would be quite entertaining.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

I like doing sports and take walks around the city, eat well and travel a lot.

Make a wish

To have much more sun in Germany