How to wear height increasing boots

Weather is crazy and we do not know what to wear during these last days of February. Spring is just around the corner. In just one month we may have to change the wardrobe, but do not panic! We can still get a lot out of our boots with increases this season. Today we bring you three ideas to combine boots with rises and be 7 cm higher without anyone knowing how.

Elegant look with shoes with hikes.

Generally, we associate going elegant with some dress shoes, but this is not always the case. Chelsea boots are a style of very elegant English shoes that give the sophisticated touch to any outfit. In we have different models, from the most traditional, to our boot model with Spoleto lifts, which will be a sure hit in any set of elegant clothes.

Casual look with shoes with hikes

If what you are looking for is an informal high-rise shoe, there is nothing better than a worker boots is. With them, you can get a casual and comfortable look, they are perfect to combine with all kinds of colors, and use them with jeans is a success. In addition, you will be 7 cm taller.

Look for the office with shoes with rises

Going to work with presence is essential. If you are looking for a shoe with formal highs, comfortable, and that you can combine with casual yet elegant styles, our Ancona boot in brown is a success.

When we are going to give them a more frequent use, such as those we use to go to work, it is very interesting to have two pairs, one in black and the other in brown. Therefore, another model of basic boot in every closet is our Alexandro boot in black. advises you to use shoes with rubber-soled shoes, as is the case of Alexandro and Ancona, since they allow more grip and can be more useful if we are going to have to be up and down In addition to the 7 cm more that always come great.

Run and take advantage before the arrival of spring, you will have time to keep your boots with winter hikes, until the next season.