How to solve a dysmetry? With elevator shoes.

Dysmetry, also called asymmetry or dissymmetry, is a discrepancy in limb length. When it is in excess it is known as hypermetry, and by default, hypometry. It is usually recognized for having one leg shorter than the other. Hip dysmetry affects millions of people in the world, in Spain alone, there are more than 8,000 registered people who live with a difference in height between their lower extremities. In most cases, it is usually small, but there is a percentage that needs to be treated, especially when it is between 1 and 3 cm apart. Luckily, there are several solutions that allow us to lead a normal life without having to go through the operating room.

It is common for all of us to have mild dysmetry. To the point that sometimes we don’t even realize. But sometimes, the dysmetria can exceed the centimeter, being here where we must look for a solution to avoid hip or back pain. Dysmetries of up to 3 cm can be treated easily with shoes with risers.

From we have been working for years on dysmetrics and helping many people solve it through shoes with rises. We can correct that height difference, between 1 and 3 cm, thanks to the ergonomic wedges that are integrated into our shoes to be taller.

If the treatment is not performed or you do not put methods for its solution the problem could be aggravated, so our footwear with rises is the answer to your problems. The rises that are inside our shoes will allow you to enjoy your day to day without any worry or difficulty when taking a walk or attending an event. shoes can be adapted for people who have dysmetry (between 1 and 3 centimeters). For this we have professionals who design the wedges and work them by hand according to the needs of each of our clients. With rising shoes from you can not only solve your dysmetrics, but also wear a shoe with a design, elegant, beautiful and fashionable. And best of all, a shoe that will go unnoticed by others, because the solution is inside.

We have shoes to help you on every occasion, that you feel that comfort, stability and security in yourself and that allows you to perform any activity. If you have any dysmetrics, do not hesitate to contact the team and we will offer you personalized attention.