King Felipe VI congratulates for its 25th anniversary on the internet was born in 1993 thanks to an idea of ​​two people. In March 1994, these two people, their founders, decided to make the leap and enter the internet with their own web page, being today the oldest company in Andalusia on the internet and one of the oldest in Spain.

Since then, many things have happened. We have grown internationally, we signed an agreement for the distribution of high-rise shoes for Japan with a Japanese company, we partnered with an Italian designer, we were selected by the European Union as a leading company in trade with Japan, the President of the Government presented us with the prize to the “SME with Best Payment Practices” recognizing the contribution of to the growth of the Spanish economy and the fight against late payment, we have even been studied in some universities and business schools.

Gone are those first websites with blue background and blank letters that we loved so much, the connections via telephone cable, routers and pages that did not load. This year we are celebrating: we have turned 25 on the internet.

Having consolidated in the market has allowed us to turn 25 years of life on the internet. A very relevant milestone for an online company, since there are very few other examples in Spain. So much so that even SM King Felipe VI has recently congratulated the entire team for the achievement of this event.

The King, to whom we thank his letter, has also conveyed his desire that we continue our business work successfully.

For us, this recognition is that pat on the back that a company needs to continue in the front line. That is why we want to thank everyone who has made these first 25 years possible.

Go for another 25 years!