The best way to combine men’s watches is to look at what footwear you are wearing. A well thought out and elaborate set takes into account all the details. Your shoes with boosts must combine perfectly with your watch to give an even more elegant touch and that your outfit is the most striking of the place.

If you wear shoes with elegant rises such as the Orlando Orlando, which are footwear with rises that at first glance already say a lot, with a cordoban leather exterior and an interior lined in thin leather, opt for a watch with metal bracelet and a medium dial also of a silver or gold color, you can also wear it with a black tuxedo, to attend a wedding.

If your style is more than shoes with sporting increases, the gray Matera is a model with a laced design and finished in waterproof leather. You can wear a more sporty watch, which has a rubber cord, is flexible and suits your wrist, the size that you like the most, you could also combine it with a white shirt and beige shorts that will give your look a very sporty touch without the need to go in tracksuit, perfect to go 7 cm higher this spring.

If your overall idea is more casual using a casual shoe to gain height, the green Bronx is perfect for you. It is a shoe to raise the height of laces and textile finish, which you could wear with a day-to-day watch, perfect for when you go to work or when you go for a walk, without needing to wear such an elegant or sporty watch. Your shoes and watch combine perfectly with jeans and a sweatshirt to get a very cheerful and informal look.

A classic in terms of shoes to gain height is our Arosa cognac loafers, which you could combine with leather rope watches with a very fine dial, with a silver or gold color. That will make your doll look very stylized and go in line with your footwear with increases. You could wear both accessories with a light blue, navy or beige jacket and partridge eye pants of the same color or a neutral tone.

Both shoes and watches are very important, they are the clear reflection of a person and at the time of a job interview or to promote your personal brand they are essential elements that you have to take them to give a good impression, and even better if we do it 7 cm taller. If you are looking for more ideas on how to combine your shoes with increases according to each occasion, do not forget to read our blog. And if you are looking for more shoes to be taller, do not forget to visit Masaltos.com