Tom Cruise elevator shoe’s

We’ve all had this experience of crossing paths with a celebrity on the street and taking us by surprise, not only because we’re in front of a celebrity, it’s because he is as small as we expected. There are many celebrities who, behind the big screen, use shoes with lifts to gain height. One of them is Tom Cruise, as can be seen here.

How tall is Tom Cruise?

According to most internet sites, Tom Cruise measures 1.70 m. Everyone is known that, for its popularity, and for having to put in front of the television cameras, Tom Cruise has been needed a few inches taller, specifically 7 centimeters.

So celebrities increase their height, with shoes with rises. This elevator shoe helps men to gain 7 cm height imperceptibly for others, looking taller without you notice anything.

Tom Cruise’s shoes to be taller are as famous as he is. This has allowed her to appear at the same height as many of her castmates, such as Cameron Díaz, Nicole Kidman, or Katie Holmes herself, even though they are taller than him.

Undoubtedly, shoes with hikes, such as, are an easy and convenient solution to gain height in a fast and discreet way. Gaining height also gains confidence, self-esteem and, of course, stays better before the cameras.

The MASALTOS.COM brand enjoys great international prestige thanks to its association with users such as Marc Anthony, Nicolás Sarkozy, Jordi Pujol, Andy García, Silvio Berlusconi, and Tom Cruise himself.

These shoes, which allow to raise the stature, are very popular in the whole world. You just have to see that Tom Cruise, thanks to these shoes with hikes, looks taller and much more stylized, which allows us to state that it looks perfect. And most importantly, he looks very comfortable with them.