Bruce Dickinson’s elevator shoe

The MABS Management and business Summit Congress took place recently at IFEMA Palacio Municipal de Madrid. An event aimed at business executives looking for a new way of doing business and managing teams. And as expected, our shoes with hikes could not miss it.
Among the topics to be discussed are business strategy, innovation, brand management, disruption, etc.

Our CEO, Antonio Fagundo, was present at the congress and was able to share the experiences lived on with some of the speakers. The concept “shoes that raise the height of men 7 cm” aroused curiosity in one of the speakers, specifically in Bruce Dickinson, who asked Antonio for the shoes of

Bruce Dickinson is a commercial pilot, business angel, entrepreneur, creative, writer, radio announcer and television presenter. He was a pilot and marketing director of Astraeus Airlines and now owns the Cardiff Aviation company specializing in the main maintenance of commercial Airbus and Boeing aircraft. It has also created a school for the training of future pilots (Real World Aviation). He practices fencing and has been part of the Olympic team of the United Kingdom at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, ​​has launched a beer brand (The Trooper) and a watch brand (Bruce Aeris Cronograph), but, above all, Bruce Dickinson is known for being the main vocalist of the heavy metal group Iron Maiden.