Jenny Chen is from … China! Yes, it’s on the other side of the world. Talking to her on the phone is a lot of fun because she’s always laughing. Eight years ago, she convinced her husband to become a client of She is in love with the Spanish culture. She declares herself as a fan of paella and Made in Spain shoes (she has more than 80 pairs of shoes). Thanks to this questionnaire, we are able to know a little more about her.



I work in export trading

 Describe your style

I am confident, firm at business and freedom lover

How did you meet

I was looking on the Internet for height increase shoes with good reviews. My husband liked the shoes from, so we placed our first order with them. The quality of the shoes was just as we expected and the team of was so professional that made us feel comfortable every step. 

Why do you use shoes? shoes are very comfortable and the height increase make my husband feel more self-confident. I really love him being taller than me. We also enjoy forming part of friend’s team. It is nice to be in touch with them on the phone and even last year they sent us a Christmas card that was made by the company’s president’s daughter.

Can you tell us about your favourite pair of 

The dress and casual styles are our favourite, specially Treviso or Preston brown. My husband can wear them as for an official meeting or as for a daily use. They are best walking shoes. 

Can you tell us any anecdote that has occur to you with a pair of shoes?

Once I went to see a friend who I have not seen for almost one year. His first words were “How did you manage to grow taller at your 38, what is your secret?” He laughed when he discovered the truth. He was looking at my husband’s shoes and could not believe how amazing they were. The shoes that make you look taller. Isn’t is incredible?

Who would be your dream dinner guest and why? Fictional or real

No doubt, with Mr. President Xi Jinping. I’m Chinese.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

We have so many pretty forests in China. I love hiking every weekend and get lost in there. It’s my way of feeling free.

Make a wish

I wish become a giant and more people know them and use their incredible shoes.