Pablo Moto’s elevator shoes

How tal lis Pablo Motos me? Lot of us have been speculated about the height of Pablo Motos, being one of the questions that have made him most throughout his career. The television presenter, in a humorous tone, has always said that his height is 1.66 m “and if I lose 1.65 because my feet are getting a little thinner”.

Pablo Motos is famous for being a television presenter and is very loved by all for his sympathy. In addition, Pablo is an entrepreneur, producer, radio announcer, writer and musician. As a musician, he won the first prize of the Benidorm Festival in 1993 as composer of the song “Sabed amigos”.

The brand of shoes with increases MASALTOS.COM has always been associated with Pablo Motos because he himself has declared several times to be a client of In several interviews he commented that shoes are great and very comfortable, they also make you look seven centimeters taller. Moreover, the first time that Pablo Motos bought shoes with hikes bought 3 pairs of shoes to raise his height 7 centimeters, according to the presenter assures in an interview conducted when he worked at Cadena Ser.

His hobbies include, first of all, humor, and then guitar, yoga and music, because they help him find his inner peace. He is also fond of shoes to be taller, specifically to black sneakers and dress shoes with rubber soles. shoes are of the highest quality, with current designs and have been in the market for more than 25 years, making men seven centimeters taller than men from all over the world.

Pablo Motos and have always gone hand in hand. Who does not like to gain a few inches of height? With these shoes, men look better and feel better about themselves. So why not use them?