Socks, pants and elevator shoes: how to combine them?

We open once again the eternal debate about how to choose the ideal sock for your shoe with hikes, but this time we have included a new actor in the equation: pants. Today, with garments as diverse as we imagine, this topic can be a real headache. That’s why at we give you some tips to get you through successfully.

“The color of the socks should be similar to the color of the pants and not that of the shoes” … It is what you have heard many times. And there is some reason in that. Although we like – and much – elevator shoes, we are aware that the first step is to achieve this combination that will make us 7 cm taller.

Combining first socks and trousers, you can stylize the figure better, since you can achieve a continuity up to the feet. Otherwise, we would be interrupting the lower set, dividing it into two parts: by one, the trousers; and on the other, the sock and shoes. This would make us lose height so we should avoid it.

If you are not sure what type of sock to choose, putting as example with a pair of light trousers, we recommend you to go safe and combine based on shades of the same color scale. In this way, you will achieve a chromatic scale from the lightest to the darkest color, achieving continuity in the tones and a perfect, stylized appearance that gives you a few extra centimeters.

Now, once that combination is achieved, the height increasing shoes will be essential to achieve harmony in your group. And what better if, in addition, we add height to the situation with the shoes with rises from

For example, for a set of dark pants and socks, the most traditional would be a shoe with a black wedge, like our model with black Oporto rises. Something more avant-garde would be to combine it with this same shoe with rises in its bordeaux version.

Also, a dark blue ink trousers will combine better with shoes of brown tone, either dark or light, depending on how daring you are. For this type of color, we recommend our model with Boston brown or Milan brown rises.

If your choice is gray trousers, the possibilities are wider. Well you could opt for shoes with dark or light hikes, since the looks will be focused on your shoes because it is a suit of that color. To attract those looks, we recommend you try our Valentino model in cognac color or the Basilea leather. If you are more traditional, a black Standford would be a great choice.