Saying goodbye to the summer with these two models of Masalto

Summer is a special season of the year, which we generally associate with vacations, relaxation and good weather. Throughout the year we look forward to your arrival to make the most of your days.

And although there are little more than two weeks left to end this time of year, we know that you still have many occasions of beach, pool, getaways and plans to enjoy comfort, style and height. To do this, shoes with rises become the perfect ally.

Take note because, if you have not yet worn any of our models this season, we propose below two Masaltos models to gain 7 centimeters in height and thus say goodbye to summer evenings with style.

Portonovo White

When we say Portonovo, we say SUMMER, with all its letters. Comfortable, light and fresh, this rising model is inspired by the turquoise waters of the bay of Portonovo, Ancona, Italy. It is a model of shoes with Italian design rises, with a leather finish of first quality natural flower and easy to clean.

Although it is available in four varieties of colors, white is the one that takes the palm this summer. You can combine it with a navy blue swimsuit or shorts of the same color, although as in tastes there is nothing written, we leave that choice to you. What is not in discussion is that you will look 7 centimeters taller!

Ibiza B white

With its impressive coves and beaches, Ibiza, the Mediterranean island of white sands and turquoise sea, leaves no one indifferent. Hence, our model with increases, which bears the same, name has been one of the most demanded during the summer season 2019.

Ibiza is clearly a summer model. It is a design with laces, informal style and finished in natural flower leather. Inside it has a fine leather finish and a flexible and shock resistant rubber sole. Its built-in rise, like the Portonovo and all our models, is absolutely imperceptible, so you can also increase your height 7 centimeters without anyone noticing.

The Ibiza is perfectly combinable with shorts or swimsuit. It also looks great with pants or jeans!

You can’t say we don’t let you know! You still have two weeks ahead to get your white Portonovo and Ibiza and live the Masaltos experience in summer.