Carmen López liked us all from the beginning. Always smiling and positive, she is one of those people you want to have as a team. They attract a lot of attention their continuous changes of look. Surely there arises her great creativity and involvement in projects, because she gives off a lot of energy. Carmen is the CMO of

What do you do at

I am responsible for the Marketing and Communication area.

What do you like most about your work at

I work with very good colleagues, who help me at all times and have made me feel very comfortable. The work environment is great.
In addition, my work in makes me feel fulfilled since I perform my duties in subjects for which I have studied and I love it, really.
What do you think has been your best moment in this company?
My best moment in the company is yet to come, I haven’t been here long. Step by step

What is your favorite shoe?

Definitely the London model in burgundy. I see it classic as well as groundbreaking and different, I love the effect that the skin of that shoe has on the rise. For me, without a doubt, it is my favorite model.

If you could fulfill your dream of “having a coffee with someone famous”, who would you choose and why?

With any of my favorite writers. Isabel Allende probably, or Murakami …

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to read, especially on the beach, dye my hair colorful, go to Triana to take some tapas, prepare dinner at home for my friends, and when I can, travel … and the farther the better.

Make a wish

To win the lottery.