Lorenzo Caprile’s height increasing shoes.

How tall is Lorenzo Caprile? We still know far too little about the real height of one of the most international Spanish designers. Nevertheless, the truth is that it is no longer a matter of height, but of image and feeling good about yourself.

Mr. Caprile is best known for his work for the Spanish Royal Family. He designed the wedding dress of the Infanta D. Cristina de Borbón and also elaborated the gown for the Queen of Spain, Ms. Letizia Ortiz, for the wedding of Mrs. Mary Donaldson and the Crown Prince and Count of Monpezat, D. Federico from Denmark.

Since 2018, Lorenzo Caprile forms part of Masters of Sewing, the talent TV show presented by Raquel Sánchez Silva. He performs as one of the three judges together with María Escoté and Alejandro Gómez Palomo.

In the third season, the team of Masters of Sewing has collaborated with prestigious Spanish fashion professionals to dress the different members of the jury. Thus was born the collaboration between Masaltos.com, Lorenzo Caprile and Masters of Sewing.

The shoe brand MASALTOS.COM is a fashion reference within Spain and outside our borders. We are talking about the shoes with design, elegance, quality, comfort and that are able to make you look 7 centimeters taller.

Lorenzo Caprile is very happy with the shoes from Masaltos.com and every week he posts a new look on the Instagram @maestroscostura Here we can see the shoe model Preston black.

Masaltos.com has always expressed admiration for Lorenzo Caprile in addition to his undoubted professionalism, he has been awarded numerous prizes; the City of Alcala Arts and Letters Awardand the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts and, in 2017, La Otra Crónica (LOC) magazine of El Mundo media included him among the 50 most influential homosexuals in Spain.

In the Masters of Sewing program that is tend to air once a week, Lorenzo Caprile will be changing his shoes with insoles. Would you be able to guess which height increasing shoes he will use next?