We are recently experiencing a worldwide situation: the Covid-19 pandemic or better known to all as the coronavirus.

Much is being said in the media about this virus and about the measures to take into account. From we are experts in high Italian shoemaking, and the same thing that we explain to you how to keep your shoes with white uppers clean and spotless, we want to explain the safety measures regarding your shoes that you must take when returning to make the purchase .

It is important to disinfect your home and avoid bringing absolutely nothing from outside, therefore, it is recommended to go outside using gloves, disinfect with soap the paws of our pets when returning from walks, clean our hands very well with plenty of soap and disinfect the surfaces of our home with bleach, but … And what should we do with our shoes with risers?

During this quarantine period, it is very important that you select only one pair of shoes with risers to go outside. We know that it will be complicated due to the wide variety in our catalog, but it is important that the chosen one has a rubber sole since it is the ideal material to be disinfected.

All you need is to have a bucket of diluted water with bleach and a cloth at the entrance of your house. When you arrive from the street, you pass the sole of the shoe through the moistened rag in the bucket and let your shoes dry with risers at the entrance of your home.

It is time to take care of all of us. # Stay here that this situation will be solved very soon, but if you have to leave, remember to take all the security measures that we have advised you, in order to show off your 7 cm more in the most responsible way. # Everything will go well