The time to make happiness

What is the measure of happiness? I do not know, but I would say that it is time to save the one we have and cultivate it to create more happiness, because everything is changing so fast. We have found ourselves in this situation and we adopt it. Just over a month ago, everything was different; we could go out on the street without ever imagining how important it was. Now we charge our smartphone four to five times a day and greet our neighbor through the window.

In 1993, my parents founded and managed to overcome two economic crises of 1993 and 2007 because they were prepared for them as well as their company. However, current crisis is different. We need a mental preparation that nourished by hope and happiness. Only for this reason, we should to cultivate more happiness than ever.

This crisis has caught us all off guard. It was something unexpected for me. Even when I always have a positive message and I know we will get through this I also have my ups and downs because I am human, just like you.

The entire team is on teleworking, except my sister Noemi and me. We go to the warehouse twice a week to prepare orders with all the safety measures. The rest of work we handle from home, some of us with partners and others with their children, acting as schoolteachers while having Skype meetings with providers without being able to leave the computer. While I write this text, children should get dressed and have their breakfast ready as well. 

The time when we wanted to have the latest generation of smartphones seems to be far away. Now we use the afternoons making bread at home or planting tomatoes in a pot that we have in the window. We have definitely changed our priority scale. 

This is not the time to make business. Logically, we need to sell to continue. However, not in this case! It is time to empathize with customers, and make it clear that, beyond the intention of sale, there is always the human condition first. A smile does not have a price tag and we see that it begins to sparkle again on people’s faces.  

Antonio Fagundo

CEO de