What a wonderful world

The world is wonderful. We empathize with each other and enjoy the little things. We tend to be optimistic and help each other. We have become human again. Could there be fewer customers, less money, more humanity. We have gone from a marketing strategy based on personalizing customer service to in-depth strategy of human quality.

It is not about selling, although we all need liquid assets, especially companies. It is about understanding each other and knowing the essentials. Listen, listen and listen. This enables the person who needs something to ask for it. Therefore, it is not the time to sell. It is time to listen. 

It is time to create happiness and memories that we can share in the future. Because, there is a bright future for all of us. That is what a good friend of mine explained me when he said that he had created happiness with his children and sent me this photo.

They were breeding and seeding plants all together. This is what we call sowing happiness, in the most literal sense of the word. With these actions, we are building a life supported by values such as hope, collaboration and solidarity.

We start Masaltos.com with a clear goal: to make men around the world happy through shoes, the shoes that makes you seven centimeters taller. Masaltos.com has been making men around the world happy for over 25 years. Now we have realized that people’s priorities, including our priorities, have changed. We know that our shoes with insoles may not be among those priorities, but we have decided to stay by your side, just in case you need us.

One of my other friends recently told me that now is a good time for buying shoes with insoles. He said that if we continue working in this difficult moment, if we answer the questions, if we provide facilities, if we offer discounts (that’s done, we are there!), all this would make it possible to continue buying the shoes he has always used. 

It is often helpful to listen to others. Especially when they have a different opinion, because it enriches us and allows us to analyze things from different points of view.

Sometimes it is difficult to be in charge of a company. It also happens to me, although I try not to show it so that the rest of my colleagues do not fall apart. The conversation with my friend came at the most opportune moment. A change in the way of thinking and a concrete attitude: happiness. My friends, because happiness is the only thing that will make us invulnerable.

Antonio Fagundo

CEO of Masaltos.com