Fashion is continually changing, and one of the styles that remains in the spotlight is the sports style. For this reason, our catalog offers height increasing sporty sneakers that will make you 7 cm taller at any time.

At, we are trend hunters and our team makes sure that all our designs are comfortable, up to date and able to make you taller. Today we want to display one of our latest shoe design: Illinois.

The shoes Illinois stands out for its ergonomic design and comfortable mold, perfect for walking and foot relief. We have it available in two colors: black and white for a safe bet and in yellow and brown for the most daring ones.

The importance of this incredible model is in the sole, which has been made in order to provide a foot motion during walking.

This model is perfect for an informal look. It can go both with tracksuit and with jeans, although … which height increasing shoes would not look perfect with jeans. 

Furthermore, the design is perfect to keep your height increasing sneakers always clean just using a shoe cream, brush and a polishing sponge. If you want to know our tips for cleaning white shoes, do not forget to stop by our post where we explain how we do it.

Remember that as with it has never been so easy to be 7 cm taller without anyone knowing how.

Vestir un look deportivo está a la par con ser 7 cm más alto, y lo más importante de todo es que nadie se dará cuenta de que la clave del éxito está en tus zapatos.