La vita è bella

Life is Beautiful. Businesses have taken a back seat, we are now looking more deeply into people’s soul, helping each other and making all processes easier. We are “teleworking” from home and at the same time, we perform as teachers providing daily school lessons to our children. 

Nowadays, no one is surprised to hear the voice of your child in the background during a phone call or see the child playing with toys while you have a video conferencing. Almost imperceptibly, we have come to real life, to understand that we are people.

Meanwhile we wonder, whether they will accept our money when we pay in cash at a store, the reality guiding to keep our traditions and customs: to enjoy the little and normal things. Thenatural ones indeed. The things that were there before and now we want life to be as once it was.

Clearly, family life and the ability of humans to adapt to an environment do the rest. We buy flour to make our bread, we invent our games, we do carpentry, and we keep our local traditions. We do not just keep them; we bring them to our home and enjoy them as if it was a game. Thus, we create happiness and create a wonderful world. Life is Beautiful.

We have always had a message of hope living in every house. “Tutto andrà bene”, “Stay at home”, “Quédate en casa “, “Todo saldrá bien ” ... We start to see a smile on people’s faces, on the children’s faces and, little by little, we are removing the shutters from our life and start rising blinds from business. The one that takes a little more time to lift up.

There are these who say that they do not know what will happen next. Seeing what has happened so far, we will get back to what it was normal before; kiss our parents and family, hug our friends, play in the parks and go on the beach in summer enjoying it with the whole family. Together, we have built something very beautiful.

Not all superheroes wear capes. Throughout all this time, keeps on being there for you, in case you need us. We will overcome this crisis thanks to our amazing team, thanks to their effort because they are superheroes. Above all, we will overcome this crisis thanks to you, because you are also a superhero.

We should not lose our smile, even if we see everything uphill. The smile is the best vaccine, because every time we laugh we get a shot of energy that raises our defense system.

Antonio Fagundo

CEO of