Namaste from

Namaste is a term commonly used in India for greeting and leave-taking. It is also often used to show respect and to pray or to ask permission or to express gratitude. The term is very complete and has no single translation in Spanish language.

For more than 25 years, has been present in his client’s lives. Many of them became friends and we went from just being present to sharing with them their most important moments, such as their wedding day, their son’s baptism, their daughter’s graduation party or the first date they had with the future partner.

Some of those friends have sent us a souvenir photograph, in gratitude for having been there when they needed it. The beautiful composition we received from Christine and Johann, they took their time to create it with our shoe model Charol. The photography is simply spectacular and transmits peace, harmony and happiness, without forgetting that the height increasing shoes from increase the height up to seven centimeters. What a wedding gift.

How do we measure creativity? How much does art measure? Maybe that is what Adriana and Luigi wondered when they celebrated their wedding in Milan and chose the shoe model Boston for their matrimony. They made a sober and elegant composition on a white background. Soberness is what they wanted with their wedding. Art is what you like, what catches your attention and what you enjoy. They really enjoyed their special day. With a certain sense of humor, we still wonder if the photograph was taken before or after the ceremony.

We have also received an email from Carlos saying that our slogan caught his attention, “You can be taller now without anyone knowing how.” His wedding was coming up and he shared his discovery with his girlfriend, Virginia. They did not think twice about choosing the shoe model Blucher for the celebration of the most important day of their lives. Carlos showed us his gratitude in the form of a photograph with a very special composition made by the wedding photographer. 

These details enrich the soul. thanks you all for sharing your time with us, above all, the creativity of the compositions. It is evident that our clients are true artists. Keep sending us photos, because here you will always have your showcase. Namaste.