Celebrities and Masaltos.com – Part I

Which celebrities wear shoes with risers from Masaltos.com? Since our inception more than 25 years ago, our seven-centimeter height-lifting shoes have been associated with great personalities from the world of politics, art, music, television and film.

We have thought that it is a good idea to review the people who have lent their image to masaltos.com wearing men’s shoes to be taller. It has been a real pleasure for us to have them, but not all those famous personalities fit in this post, so we will tell you little by little, in different installments.

One of the collaborations we enjoyed the most was Pablo Román. Román was Míster Seville in 2019 and second classified in Míster España. He is also a Degree in Audiovisual Communication and a photographer by profession. He has also been a high performance swimmer. Without a doubt, Román has done everything … even a model for Masaltos.com ☺.

In one of the most artistic images on Masaltos.com we can see Pablo Román jumping through the air, in front of a red wall and with a very funny pose, wearing the Sidney model in yellow. Although Pablo is in the air, his height increased 7 centimeters.

Another of the people who lent his image to Masaltos.com was Carlos Baute, the Venezuelan singer. Carlos Baute is also an actor and television presenter. He studied singing, guitar, piano and marketing and has obtained several gold, platinum and diamond records. It has also received several awards, highlighting three Ondas Awards.

In a very original shooting session with Sevilla Magazine, Carlos Baute wore the Charol model in black and raised his height by seven centimeters.

Fate made Carlos Baute and Pablo Román join in a photograph that we really like because their collaborations with Masaltos.com arose at different times, but they coincided that day. And all this, again, thanks to Sevilla Magazine, which made Carlos Baute and Pablo Román seven centimeters taller without anyone knowing how.

In the image Carlos Baute is wearing the Boston model in black and Pablo Román is wearing the Birmingham model in black

We thank the publishers who have not helped and the people who have made these photographs possible. Many other celebrities and celebrities have lent their image by wearing sneakers for Masaltos.com. In future installments we will reveal who they are.