Celebrities and Masaltos.com – Part II

The celebrities of Masaltos.com. Following up with the previous post, today we bring you more celebrities who have lent their image to Masaltos.com. Some have done it as modeling, others as collaborators of fashion magazine and editorials. Nevertheless, they all had a common denominator: they love height-increasing shoes that increase height up to seven centimeters.

Masaltos.com shoes are widely used by celebrities to help them gain a few more centimeters when appearing on camera. There are many examples of celebrities who use height-increasing shoes to look taller in the world of cinema and television. There are also many examples in other fields such as music, politics, art … Who does not enjoy a sweet? Who would not want to be seven centimeters taller?

Telecinco’s TV-show “My home is yours” or “Mi casa es la tuya” in Spanish was a resounding audience success. On the program, which aired for ten seasons, the presenter, Bertín Osborne, interviewed different celebrities at their house or at Bertín Osborne’s own home.

In one of the programs, Javier Quero wore Masaltos.com’s shoes during the interview held by Bertín Osborne. Javier Quero is a comedian, TV actor, and radio host. He is warmly known as “the second Bertin”. Quero wore the shoe model Tokyo in black which provided him extra seven centimeters to his height.

In an artistic photo shoot by the fashion magazine Sevilla Magazine Luis Rollan lent his image for Masaltos.com, in Seville, next to the Guadalquivir river and with the majestic Torre del Oro in the background.

Luis Rollan is a Spanish actor and television collaborator known for his participation in TV-shows such as El program de Ana Rosa, La Noria or ¡Qué tiempo tan feliz! He also participated in different TV series such as Ala … Dina! and La casa de los líos.

Here we can see him as an elegant groom with increased height up to seven centimeters, thanks to the shoe model Charol in black patent leather.

If we look at the shoes, we will not notice anything unusual; they look like just any other shoe. However, we remember that they keep a little big secret; they can make you taller without anyone knowing how.

As always, we thank the publishers who have collaborated and the people who have made these photographs possible. Stay tuned and we will keep informing of celebrities who have lent their image wearing height-increasing shoes of Masaltos.com.