Samuel Rodríguez is like one of family. With a wonderful sense of humor and a good business skills. He has always been fond of the entire team. Samuel likes culture, music, traveling, soccer, food, and reading; in one word saying, he likes everything, or as we say around here, he knows how to enjoy the life. He even enjoyed answering this little survey and doing his bit in the world of height increasing shoes. Our applause goes to him. Thank you Samuel!


I am a journalist and, at the same time, a company manager.

Describe your style

I like casual wear, in general. However, it also depends on the occasion.

How did you meet

In my company, we broadcast news about E-commerce. is one of the E-commerce success cases in Spain, so we interviewed them. It is easy to talk to them because they are very open and provide a lot of information.

Why do you use shoes?

I am a rare customer because I do not always use height-increasing shoes, only sometimes when I attend an event, I wear them. I will also use them on my wedding day. What I do have to admit is that they really raise the height without anyone knowing how. My girlfriend told me as soon as she saw me that I got taller.

Can you tell us about your favourite pair of 

I am a classic man. The black moccasin Arosa.

Can you tell us any anecdote that has occur to you with a pair of shoes?

I do not know why, but my dog loves eating / removing from me those particular shoes. They must smell like food (cheese?) LoL

Who would be your dream dinner guest and why? Fictional or real

It could be Er Zevilla (singer of the musical group Los Mojinos Escozíos). I think I would share a good moments of humor with him.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

I really enjoy everything, but what I particularly like in this world is traveling. 

Make a wish

Good health for everyone.