We have been using this slogan at for many years. Moreover, we keep on using it in our advertising of height increasing shoes because it is a very descriptive phrase. The message is clear: in an instant, you will be seven centimeters taller without anyone discovering your secret.

That is the message of the image above, which resides in the Footwear Museum. The most curious thing is that this image is from an advertising campaign of, made more than 25 years ago.

How to increase height? “With additional seven centimeters of height every man will feel sure of himself and will be admired, respected and chosen by women.” This is how started description of the shoes that would later change into a new slogan, more current for the time it was launched: “Magical Shoes”.

Elegant, Italian shoes with design and style. Shoes that make you 7 cm taller without anyone knowing how. How can I get taller? You can reach it with shoes, which have a special sole that keeps a big or little secret and elevates your height up to 7 cm without anyone noticing anything.

The first shoes came to Spain from Italy under the Bertulli brand. These height-raising shoes were handcrafted, some of them made by hand, by Italian experienced shoemakers. They were not just beautiful height increasing shoes from Italy, but they also helped to eliminate complexes and self-insecurity as they conferred greater self-esteem.

Studies say that women prefer taller men.’s range of wedding and ceremony height increasing-shoes has helped many men and women on the most important day. We have managed to make the bride and groom live up to their wedding day.

Here you can see some of the ads that originally used for advertising of height increasing footwear. Even in some of them, you can still see the first website that we launched in 1994. This has made us one of the oldest websites in Spain.

Times have changed, as have the images and the way of sending the message. Nevertheless, what has not changed is our shoes to make you taller. No one will realize that the key to success is in your shoes.