Spring is where you are. This year everything is different. We have not been outside due to lockdown. However, we create happiness, make handcrafts, enjoy our family and we keep on enjoying anything no matter what.

We begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is yellow, like the sun, because it is still spring. Yes, it is spring! It is time to choose that casual look that you like so much and dress it in. Yes, it is still spring! Open your wardrobe and put on the clothes you like the most because this year spring fashion is up to you.

You can be classic or daring, wear a formal look or color your hair. This year you decide what clothes and what shoes you will wear in spring because this year spring is you.

Spring has also came to Masaltos.com and we want to make you some suggestions that can fit your style and make you seven centimeters taller. If you want to wear a casual look, our height increasing shoes with laces in suede leather can be your choice. The Preston model in brown color combines with casual pants, trousers and jeans, and is good for a formal look and for a casual one. 

If, you are sportier or have a younger spirit, Salerno in blue could be your choice. A shoe with rises, with style, with design and with its own name. The shape of this height-increasing shoe is so comfortable that it will offer the foot a total rest. Due to its Italian design, you can wear Salerno with denim, shorts or skinny pants. The important thing is that you feel comfortable having them on you.

Spring is happiness. Additional seven centimeters to the height is also happiness. After having spent a long time without being able to wear your favorite clothes, now we have the opportunity to do it, to create our trend and to enjoy the clothes and shoes that we like the most. With a sporty, casual and daring design, the brown Illinois model will mark an era. This height-increasing shoe has its own personality and fits perfect with jeans, shorts and sportswear.

It has never been easier to be 7 cm taller as with Masaltos, so choose the shoe you like and the clothes you want the most and enjoy wearing them because, this year, the spring of Masaltos.com is you.