Spring is you. – Part II

What is gray on the outside and hope on the inside? All of us. People have shown that although everything that has recently surrounded us has been gray, we have never lost hope.

That hope has made us stronger, immune, smiling, and better people. We had joy inside and that’s why spring is ourselves. We do the spring ourselves.

There is still spring ahead and we have clothes that we are passionate about brand new and new shoes to wear. The book of tastes is blank and this year it takes the fashion that you wear, the one that you decide.

A week ago we proposed different looks to your elevator shoes from Masaltos.com and now we propose other more that have a common factor: being 7 cm taller on any occasion.

Elegant, but different. This is Capri. An Italian design shoe that increases height by seven centimeters. Finished in water-repellent blue suede leather, Capri is suitable for every moment. To wear it with a suit, with pleated pants or to wear jeans. To walk or to go out to dinner. It is an indispensable shoe in the wardrobe of those riskier men.

For all ages, with a sporty and informal touch, we suggest the Alpino model in brown. The grain leather of its exterior is very soft and of first quality, and the sole has a special design that facilitates the tilting of the foot when walking. In the photograph it appears with jeans, but due to its style, you can combine it with any type of pants, even with tweed pants. It is a comfortable elevator shoe and suitable for all surfaces.

Our SUV. The Matera model is an icon of Masaltos.com. In brown, blue, gray and beige, this spring we present it in two shades of gray (Matera bicolor gray), with a white sole and laces to facilitate its adjustment to the foot. Combinable with any type of long pants, shorts and shorts. Due to its sporty style, Matera is a safe bet for any occasion.

Masaltos.com is not only seven centimeters higher, it is also seven centimeters more of happiness. It is a matter of trust. We trust you, that you create your own spring and enjoy it. Trust us: now is your chance to show off your own fashion.