Joaquín Díaz de Terán was a huge surprise for He is a good client and he found out about these interviews through Linkedin. It didn’t take him a second to answer the questions and contact us to send us the answers. Those kinds of details define good people.

Joaquin is Sales Manager for Spain and Portugal of Ingenio ePayments, father of the family, speaks four languages ​​and is fond of fishing. From we greatly appreciate your participation.

Occupation / work

I am an engineer and work in the commercial area of ​​the Ingenico Group, optimizing online payment processes in shops in Spain and Portugal

Describe your style of dress.

I have a casual, elegant style (or so I like to think).

How did you hear about

The first time was on a flight, reading the airline magazine, there was a very striking ad that took up a full page. Later I found a lot of information on social networks, mainly LinkedIn. Finally they introduced me to their CEO at a congress organized by “ecommerce-news” held in Seville in 2018, so I got to know and his project in more detail.

Why do you wear shoes from

I thought it was an interesting idea, the design is attractive and I decided to give it a try. The change is noticeable, when you wear them you look much higher. It is surprising that a few centimeters generate such a relevant change.

Can you tell us what is your favorite shoe from

A model with a lot of pull between commercial profiles: Porma

Tell us some anecdote that happened to you with a shoe from

The first time he saw me with them my little daughter kept looking me up and down, I noticed something strange but I didn’t know what it was. He was like this for several minutes, with the fly behind his ear until he said: “Daddy! What about those shoes?”

Who would you like to go to dinner with and why? Real or fictional

With Rafael Nadal, my admiration is infinite.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Fishing nice from a boat, the season is about to start and I don’t see the time coming.

Make a wish

That we recover quickly from this health, economic and social crisis that we have just entered.

In order to appear in the interview, I am sending you a personal photo fishing for tuna in the Cantabrian Sea and also an alternative photo collecting the award we received in September for the “best payment solution 2019” in case you prefer that blood does not come out in your publication 😉