20 Euros discount with Biocryptology

Yes! As you heard You will pay 20 euros less if you make your purchase with Biocryptology. Masaltos.com wants to help you as much as possible and facilitate your purchase of shoes to be taller. To do this, we have reached an agreement with one of our dearest partners.

Biocryptology is a unique identification solution that allows you to pay using your fingerprint. It is very easy and safe to use. You must download the Biocryptology App, validate your mobile device and associate it with the biometric data of your terminal, either by facial recognition, iris or fingerprint. This technology allows verifying the real identity of each user, without the possibility of steal your account.

To access your discount you must download the Biocrytology app. You can do it through the following links:

Android and Google Play

IOS and Apple Store

Once the app is downloaded, you must validate your registration. From here, you can access your user account and make your payments with your fingerprint, your iris or by facial recognition.

To get the 20 euro discount, you must register on our website and access your account through the Byocriptology app. Select the elevator shoes you want, choose “Biocrytology” as the payment method and 20 euros will automatically be deducted from the total purchase price.

You don’t have to do anything else except hurry up a bit. This offer will only be valid until July 31, 2020 and for the first 100 buyers who make a purchase using this payment method.

Yes, you heard correctly! Now, being 7 centimeters taller costs 20 euros less.

This promotion is not combinable with other promotions and can only be accessed if you make your purchase through Biocryptology. Anyone can have a 20 euro discount because Masaltos.com delivers their elevator shoes in any country of the world.

Remember, the 100 fastest buyers will have a discount of 20 euros. So don’t wait, download the Biocryptology app and start paying less.