Summer is here

The best date of the year has arrived, summer is here, and we must be up to it, after all this time at home, we need more than ever to go out, enjoy with friends and take a good tour of the promenade. And clearly, the ride are better with 7 cm more height.

At we have sandals to carry your feet cool and at the same time boasting height, because we know what you need at any time of the year.

Everyone knows that heat is synonymous with fun, and with this model of elevator sandals , which is a basic for men in the summer season who do not want to give up freshness and comfort, also adding an extra inch. We recommend using them with shorts and jeans.

Feel free and comfortable with the 7 cm height provided by our elevator shoes and our sandals to go down to the beach bar after spending the morning at the beach or pool.

Thanks to its design it is a sandal that fits and is perfect for any event, whether it is something informal, or a more special dinner.
Do not hesitate, it is the definitive footwear to be at the height of your unforgettable summer holidays, and you will surely have them for your future getaways.

Being able to have comfortable shoes that allow us to walk as much as we can is always essential in our wardrobe. Sandals are the footwear par excellence for this summer. Are you going to run out of yours?