New catalogue from

Here it is the new catalog of shoes with lifts from Many of you have called us asking about it. Others have written text messages and e-mails. Well, the spring-summer 2020 catalogue is here now.

We owed you this! We are returning to normality and bringing you this new season of height increasing shoes with the main aim to continue making men around the world taller.

If you want to see our new catalogue in digital format, click here. If, you prefer to download it in pdf, you can do it from this link. If you would like to have the catalogue in your hands, write on it, or simply be able to read it as if it were a magazine, you can request a printed version through this link.

Now you have no excuse for not having the new spring-summer 2020 catalogue from

This new season offers an exciting selection of height increasing shoes. To the classic models, such as the Oporto model in burgundy and black colors, and to the more iconic models, such as the Matera model in beige, gray and blue colors, we have added new sports designs such as the Salerno model in gray and blue colors, or the Illinois in white and brown. Of course without forgetting the Gianni Garzanero Special Edition Collection or the Goodyear-welted collection.

Watch this space to know what shoes you can wear this summer and be seven centimeters taller. We do not want to reveal all the secrets just yet.

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With this new catalogue of height increasing shoes that make you seven centimeters taller, you can get a discount of 10 euros on your first purchase. To get the promotion, you just need to visit and enter the code CTLG20 and the discount will be applied automatically.

If you are not yet, what are you waiting for to be 7 cm taller?