Celebrities and Masaltos.com – Part V

Which actors wear elevator shoes? The truth is that there are many actors who wear wedge shoes. Many of them are national actors and others are international actors. Height does not distinguish between nationalities and favors a lot on camera. This is why many actors wear shoes that raise the height by seven centimeters.

Among the actors who have lent their image wearing shoes from Masaltos.com we highlight Ronald Zehrfeld. Ronald Zehrfeld is a very famous German actor who collaborated with Masaltos.com and who fell in love with our shoes with risers. The German actor is well known for his participation in films like Barbara, Inbetween Worlds and Phoenix. In addition, Zehrfeld has won several awards, including the Jupiter Awards and the German Film Awards for cinema. He has also been awarded the Grimme-Preis for television.

Lufthansa magazine captured this curious image of Zehrfeld climbing a tree with the Tormo model in black. The production team spent a few moments of nervousness taking the picture, but Zehrfeld showed his prowess and good form. The production team told us that when the actor climbed up the tree he said, “See how high I am up here? Well, I’m still seven centimeters taller ”.

Ronald Zehrfeld took a liking to Masaltos.com shoes and grow seven centimeters. Who doesn’t like being seven centimeters taller? So the actor, after getting off the tree and arriving to put his feet on the ground, proposed another curious photograph. For this new image he chose the Mantova model.

The originality of the German actor is beyond doubt. Wearing a tweed coat and sweatpants, Zehrfed surrounded himself with goats to take the picture in a pair of raised shoes that increase his height by seven centimeters.

People should be comfortable with the clothes and shoes they wear. People should also have a comfortable personality. Ronald showed us that he felt very comfortable in this photo shoot with Masaltos.com shoes. Such was his comfort with his shoes on that he even climbed a tree.

Once again we thank all the people and publishers who have made these beautiful images possible. Who will be the next famous with shoes to grow? Soon you will know.