Our dear Fabio has one heart, two homes. On the one hand, he was born in France and loves French culture. On the other, his father is Portuguese, so he is also deeply in love with Portugal. Fabio Basto came to Spain to do his marketing and international trade internship at He is friendly, funny and very into football, he soon discovered that he was very fond of height-increasing shoes and everything behind this peculiar product. During his stay in Spain, he had the opportunity to visit Portugal frequently. Later on, he will recognize that Spain also took special place in his heart. Our friend Fabio, we assure that you also have a special place in the hearts of all of us who work in


I am an Eni Gaz electricity-marketing operator.

 Describe your style

At work, I prefer to use an elegant style. On you can see many of my photographs wearing the shoes. I was a model for height increasing shoes, lol.

In my daily life, I wear casual jeans or ripped jeans, T-shirts and polo. I am very versatile. My favorite colors are white, black, burgundy and blue.

How did you met

I find out about through my graduate in International Trade. I had to do an internship and Spain seemed like a very interesting place to me. So I decided to apply for position at Other students also did but I was lucky to be selected.

Why do you use shoes?

To look taller and elegant in occasions such as work meetings or dinner out with girls. I love these shoes.

Can you tell us about your favourite pair of 

My favorite shoes are Adriatico and Valentino. They have an elegant design. 

Can you tell us any anecdote that has occur to you witha pair of shoes?

When you put them on for the first time, you feel strange because you are not used to it, but the sensation lasts for a few minutes. The women wear high heels and I wear shoes with lifts. The funny thing is that they hook in no time and now I just wear these shoes. The funny thing is that it does help with girls.

Who would be your dream dinner guest and why? Fictional or real

With Jennifer Lopez because I would like to seduce her with the help of shoes.

What do you like to do when you are not at work?

 I enjoy playing sports and going out with friends. 

Make a wish

May the Portugal team win the FIFA World Cup.