IT’S ARIZONA: the elevator sneakers that will make you taller

This winter we are launching our height increasing trainers. Now you can feel more comfortable and be 3 inches taller without foregoing fashion trends. We welcome you to discover the newest model from It is Arizona, the coolest thing of the whole winter.

Arizona is height-increasing sneakers, young and combinable with all kinds of clothes. The perfect shoe to increase your height by up to 7 cm. Ideal for your day-to-day life due to its great and comfortable shoe mold and design. The model is available in blue and green colors.  These elevator sneakers provide a casual look, distinguished by its sole, its sporty design and the perfect finished touch.

Made with full grain and nubuck leather for a softer feel for your feet. The shoes will be a perfect selection, both at night and during the day.

The versatility of Arizona allows you to combine these height-increasing sneakers with corduroy, sport style or jeans.

Keep your sneakers always in shape. You can use a special suede-nubuck sponge for nubuck leather and a transparent brush for calf leather. This way you will make your height increasing sneakers last longer overall. 

You can see our full catalog of elevator shoes at and find the latest arrivals. You can also download and save our PDF catalog to see it whenever and wherever you want. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and have an exclusive access to our offers and promotions.

It is clear that Arizona has something special and it is the moment to try it on. Yes, now! It is the time to be taller and be fashionable. Which of the two colors would you choose? Blue or green Arizona?

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