Masaltos.com offers a selection of exclusive and elegant men’s shoes that naturally and comfortably enhance your figure. That is our slogan and our goal: an exclusive shoe that makes you taller.

Last week we showed you some idyllic models that you can find on Masaltos.com and in this post we continue showing you unique models where comfort and elegance play the main role. We continue with the footwear that makes you 7 cm taller and is a worldwide trend: boots.

An irresistible model for daily use that you can find at Masaltos.com is Bergen. This lace-up boot made of premium quality cowhide has a flexible, resistant and adherent rubber sole that makes it ideal for cold and rainy days. In addition to increase the height by 7 cm, this elevator boot stands out for its design and durability.

By the way, Masaltos.com shoes stylize and improve your walking position, since when walking with a little heel elevation we straighten our spine and straighten our back. A very good solution to distribute the weight throughout the back, since we tend to slouch when walking and load all the weight on the base of our spine.

If you are looking for refined elegance and comfort by increasing your height by 7 centimeters, Spoleto is the best choice. An ankle boot with a classic Italian design, suitable for dressing up and combining with suits or sportswear. This model with a leather sole and rubber-reinforced heel accentuates your elegance. If you notice, we are talking about shoemaking made with top quality materials, following a manufacturing process in which we take care of all the details.

Another boot with which you can enhance your figure and be 7 centimeters taller is Chelsea. It is a casual style boot with practical side elastics for the fit. This shoe stands out for its lightness and comfort, you can combine them with both jeans and chino trousers. Masaltos.com shoes are made with a new, exclusive shoe last that adapts naturally to your style and increases your height up to 7 cm.

Do you want to see more height increasing boots? Well, we have many more in the section of elevating boots on Masaltos.com. Don’t run out of yours. With these boots you project self-confidence, personal security and self-esteem, reinforcing your image. You choose the boots and we help you to be 7 cm taller!