And the answer is who doesn’t? Everyone likes Christmas. They are well-known dates all over the world. From we want to advise you so that you can go to all your events pretty smart, being the most attractive and handsome man of all by increasing your height up to 7 centimeters with our elevator shoes.

The irresistible Portofino model is undoubtedly one of the best shoes you can wear this Christmas. Portofino is a classic Italian design that raises men’s height by 7cm. A suede shoe with a double buckle, which gives it a unique elegance. Wearing elevator shoes not only has the advantage of being 7 cm taller, but they also help you improve your image and feel better about yourself.

All our models are made with high quality materials, following a manufacturing process in which we take care of all the details following the patterns of the High Italian Shoe Handcrafters. We offer softness and comfort for your feet, they are two of the most important concepts for us.

If you are more of a casual fashion, you can opt for Alexandro. The Alexandro model is a completely versatile elevating shoe that will completely modernize your look. This type of shoes stylizes any type of outfit.

Another unique model: Birmingham. Birmingham is a shoe made of soft top-quality leather that stands out for its comfort and its adaptation to the foot. With these shoes you will have the feeling of not being tired, since when you wear them you will notice a great relaxation in the tendons of the foot. As you will be able to verify, wearing shoes with lifts will only bring you benefits for you and your health.

If what really interests you about are our boots to be taller, you can read the articles “Put on your boots” and “Put on your boots part II” in which we show you a selection of elevator boots. But don’t forget that there are many more. If you prefer to go to your Christmas events a little more sporty, in our post “White sneakers to be taller” you can also find the most suitable height increasing shoes for the occasion.

As you may have been checking, at we have shoes for all styles and for all tastes. That is why we encourage you to visit our website and choose the elevator shoe that you are going to wear this Christmas to raise your height by 7 centimetres.

Remember that we always accompany you in the most special moments. Choose well, choose