Dressing well is an art, but for a man, the most important thing is to wear good, elegant and comfortable shoes that suit each situation.

At Masaltos.com we are going to show you some of the types of shoes that we have and that will be essential for you.

Shoes with a buckle are an essential shoe in your wardrobe for your day to day, since they provide security and confidence in all your looks. It is a type of formal shoe, but depending on how you combine it, it can become a totally versatile shoe.

This type of shoe can have one or two buckles. Choosing one or the other will depend on the look you are wearing at that time. Double buckle footwear is ideal for more formal occasions. We will talk about one buckle shoe in our next post. At www.masaltos.com you can find several models with a double buckle, including the Portofino. Portofino, is a classic Italian design that raises the height of men by 7 cm. A suede leather shoe with a double buckle, known as a double monk strap, which gives it a unique elegance.

The Oxford shoe is a dress shoe that has laces. A very typical type is the Oxford brogue, that is, brogued or dotted. It is characterized by being made of leather and being stamped on each and every one of its seams, and it can also be stamped on the toecaps. At Masaltos.com you can find the London model. London, is an English-style oxford with a die-cut upper that makes it ideal for any event, celebration or ceremony. Its design gives it elegance and distinction.

The moccasin is a type of shoe that at Masaltos.com we give the importance it deserves, since it is a type of shoe that adapts to any situation, becoming the most versatile and classic type of all your wardrobe. If you want to raise your height 7 centimeters and be in style, the Arosa model is an essential model that you should have among your most common garments when choosing your outfits.

Another important topic. If what you really care about is knowing what are the benefits of wearing elevator shoes, in our post What are the benefits of wearing elevator shoes? You can find all the information and solve any doubts that may arise when using elevator shoes.

Do not hesitate and increase your height 7 centimeters, at Masaltos.com we will take care of it.