As we showed you in the previous post, at Masaltos.com we have several types of elevator shoes that will become an essential for you on your special occasions.

We continue with the shoe with a buckle. It is the so-called monkstrap and its appeal is based on the apparent simplicity of its design, which gives it a very unique and current style beyond its undoubted functional nature. At Masaltos.com you can find the model Bari. Bari is a shoe to be taller, dressy, soft to the touch and with a side buckle that gives it a touch of elegance and distinction. With this model you can increase your height 7 cm without anyone knowing how.

The boot today is a global trend. Our elevator boot makes you grow 7 cm. It is a half-round shoe, that is, a shoe that only covers up to the ankle. One of the star boots in our collection is Tivoli. Tivoli is an ankle boot with a classic Italian design that increases the height by 7 centimeters. Due to its timeless style, it brings refined elegance and comfort.

The sports shoe is, according to many people, the most comfortable shoe that exists. It is not only a sporty style, it is a wardrobe alternative that is increasingly present in our way of dressing, which does not have to sacrifice elegance or formality. With our Fontana elevating sneaker you can increase your height by 7 cm. Fontana is a shoe that offers durability and grip on any type of surface. In addition, its smooth and sober design makes it combinable with shorts, jeans, chinos and even dress pants.

The Chelsea boot is an icon in men’s footwear. You can increase your height by 7 cm and enhance your figure like never before with these boots. Every situation will be good to wear them. Chelsea is another of our star footwear. Chelsea is an ankle boot that increases your height, classic and innovative, with a casual style and very practical side elastics for the fit. In addition, it stands out for its lightness.

If you are interested in discovering other models of elevating boots from Masaltos.com collection, you can read our posts “Put on your boots” and “Put on your boots II”.

Stop dreaming and fulfill your dream of being taller thanks to Masaltos.com.